stage concert

I am waiting for it too. I’m so excited to finally see him again. It’s been a long while since he had his last concert and I really wish that there would be a repeat for this. The fans are really looking forward to this happening soon. I just want to share that recently while I was browsing the Internet I managed to stumble into a website. There were so many fan paraphernalia there including those which has the insignia of Tim Mahoney. I am not saying that this is legitimately from him or were being sold with this permission but it was really nice to browse the products that are available. I cannot help but buy myself a T-shirt because the design was really good. You can check it out if you want.


“What types of songs are you listening right now? I think I’m already lagging behind when it comes to the most recent songs of Mahoney. I hope you can update me.”


“I am a bit behind as well. But I’m hoping to get more updates here. @Mitzy, can you please send me the link of that? I’ve been looking some Tim Mahoney fan items as a gift to my cousin. She really loves him and it’s going to be her birthday soon. I already looked everywhere but I cannot find a shop that sells Mahoney’s merchandise.”


“@Christina, sent it to you via DM because I cannot seem to post it here. Please check your inbox. The store is not exclusive for Tim Mahoney alone, there are also for other artists and singers alike. I hope you enjoy shopping there.”