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This frequently asked questions page will give you answers to some of your inquiries. This is a collection of the questions commonly asked of us by the visitors of this website. Just in case your questions are not answered here feel free to contact us at our email address can be found at the Contact Us page.

Are you the official website of Tim Mahoney?

We are not affiliated with Tim Mahoney at all. This is not his official website nor fan page. What we are is simply an online platform wherein all the fans can have a good time and can learn more about him. This website is simply a tribute to him. We want also other people were not fans to appreciate him more. We can do that by giving them facts about his personal life and also his carrier.

Do we need an account before we can access this website?

This website is a free for all. You don’t need an account to access the articles that we upload here. Accounts are mandatory only in case you want to participate in the forum page. This would enable you also to receive notifications just in case you started a trend and people answered any of the inquiry or post you made.

Do we need to pay if we decide to make an account?

We do not ask for any payment here at this website. The articles here are for free together with other information we upload. When you register you are not going to be asked for any payment options because we do not charge any membership fee.

Do you sell any of the Mahoney’s album?

We do not sell any albums here nor merchandise. But sometimes people suggest online stores were you can get them. All you need is to check them out. However, we are not going to be held liable for any transactions you make outside of this website. So please always ensure that all the information you get is legitimate. Always verify first.