About Us

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This website is a product of the hard work of the fans of Tim Mahoney. They started being strangers back in the year 2000. They met at Tim’s meet and greet back then. The similarities they have was simply that they are fans of this artist. They started speaking to each other only after the event. They decided to come into a coffee shop and exchange notes about Tim Mahoney there. Although there were already mentions about creating a platform where people can easily know more about Tim Mahoney, it didn’t start until 3 years after.

These Mahoney fans do not even live near each other. But they exchange emails and information constantly. Sometimes, they join forums just so they can ask and give information about Mahoney. But what was apparent was that not all the times they managed to get the news they need. It was all frustrating to them especially being victimized by misinformation that intentionally misleads them. When one of them was victimized twice in a row, they thought they’ve had enough and decided to create their own website. Here, their main goal is to protect those Tim Mahoney’s fans like them.

Little by little their website started to gain an audience. They collaborated with some partners to make being closer with Tim Mahoney possible. Through this, they were able to gain behind closed doors information about their idols which made not only them happy, but other fans as well. What more is that, the fans who frequently visit the site also develop camaraderie. Not only were they able to share stories about Tim Mahoney, they get to bond as well every once in a while. Because of this, the supporters of Tim Mahoney became stronger than ever. The fans support not only their favorite artist but each other as well.