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Have you already experienced getting frustrated because you don’t know where to get the latest news about your favorite artists? We feel you. Perhaps, it is even safe to claim that those of us who have their idols have experienced this at least once in their lives. It is annoying at most especially if you are looking forward to some events that you want to attend like a concert or a meet and greet. What more if such an event only happens once in a lifetime? This is not impossible for those whose favorite artists are not from the local scene.

Even if you do find a website, sometimes these are not as legitimate as what you think. They would make you believe that they are true to their words, selling you fan items and merchandise, but at the end of the day they would con you and extort you of your money. What more is that they are going to mislead you so that not only would you be sidetracked, but they would also give you the wrong information. This may not have happened yet to you but it is not impossible. In fact, there are those who claim to be victims of such a modus.

If you are a fan of Tim Mahoney, however, you won’t have such problems. This website has been made specifically by his fans to other fans out there. Nope, we are not the official website of this artist nor the official website for his fans. We are not in anyway official at all. What we are is an online platform that gives news about him and allows people all over the world who love him to have a place where we can know each other. Whether you are inside or outside of your garage door in Phoenix, you can have an access to this website. All you need is an internet connection, your favorite gadget that can access the World Wide Web, and you are good to go. This website is FREE for all.

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What information can you get here?

We are going to give you here the background of Tim Mahoney. We are going to assist you in knowing more about him by giving you his comprehensive career history – his struggles as he climbs to the stardom and the difficulty that he faced. We are going to give you here someone on one talk interview with him, how he managed to surpass this and how he overcome all the challenges to be the best that he can be. What more is that we are giving you behind the scenes look at the making of your favorite songs made by him. If you are wondering about his routine behind his concerts, we are going to give you a sneak peek too. Plus, where you can catch him next.

Who knows? He may already be coming to visit your place soon. If you want to know more about him, please do not forget to follow us. We love to have you here.